Breads made and baked daily in The Bread Shed

White bloomers, floured wholemeal loaves, egg washed wholemeal loaves, malthouse bloomers, cheese and marmite bread, and seeded loaves.

Plus, on Thursdays
White floured rolls or sesame rolls or finger rolls or wholemeal rolls
Oaty white loaves or wholemeal spelt bread
Oven bottom white sourdough
Rye and coriander sourdough
Spiced wholemeal fruit teacakes or Chelsea buns.

Plus, on Fridays
White floured rolls
Oaty white loaves or olive bread
Walnut bread
Rye wheat and caraway sourdough
Large white fruit teacakes

Plus, on Saturdays
Croissants, pain au chocolat
cheese croissants
and almond croissant triangles
White floured rolls
Oven bottom flutes
Large white fruit teacakes or spiced wholemeal fruit teacakes or Chelsea buns.

Other Specials
Cheese and red chilli bread, cheese herb and garlic bread, cheese and red onion bread
Miniature brioche, apricotines
Granola, with pecans and dates.

Seasonal Specials
Hot Cross buns at Easter
Stollen at Christmas
Yorkshire Parkin for Halloween and Bonfire night.

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